Indian Startup Turns Polluted Air Into Climate-Friendly Tiles

Some amazing carbon-neutralizing news from India! 

A startup company called Carbon Craft Design was able to create a process to extract black carbon from polluted air and upcycle it into strong and useful carbon tiles. The tiles are then designed by local artisans to imitate historical architectural designs.  

This unique design captures and converts carbon soot into a powder pigment. These carbon pigments are mixed with cement and marble waste from quarries to produce tiles, which are then hand painted by local craftsmen.

Inspired by the magnitude of our consumption of natural resources, Carbon Craft Design takes inspiration from our world's history - namely the environmental changes brought on by the Anthropocene period. 

Each new sustainable building tile contains at least 70 percent waste material and is the equivalent of cleaning 30,000 liters of air.

1 carbon tile is equivalent to 1 day of clean air for a person. 

This is such an amazing innovation, especially coming out of India which is notorious for polluted air, accounting for 20% of black carbon emissions globally. This model is so sustainable and renewable that it makes me want to do a little happy dance on the inside. I think we can all take a little inspiration from this concept and think about different ways that we can reuse or repurpose things that would otherwise be waste - into beautiful and useful items. 

One easy, small-scale way that you can try to reduced your carbon footprint is to reuse all of your glass jars. This saves on the expensive and often inefficient recycling process. Think about old pasta sauce jars, food containers, and empty candles. My favourite way to repurpose these items is to either clean and use them as smoothie jars, or to use them as planters for succulents and other cute little house plants. 

What is your favourite way to upcycle old items? Let me know in the comments below! 


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