Bridal Services

Book your Bridal Hair & Makeup service with Alisha for your special day. Offering flexible in-studio and in-home options, we'll work with you to create the most beautiful wedding day experience. 
Bridal Hair and Makeup 
Bridal Services

Bridal Hair & Makeup - Trial (in studio)

The perfect way to start your bridal journey! Trials provide an opportunity for us to play around with different options for your hair and makeup, to ensure that we find the perfect fit for your wedding day. We'll see what works, what doesn't work, and create the perfect plan to suit and accentuate your favourite features. 

Come prepared with clean, dry hair along with any hair accessories you'd like for that day.

$200 (120 mins) | BOOK NOW
*please email for more availability. 
Bridal Hair & Makeup (in studio)
Expertly applied bridal hair and makeup, using the best techniques to ensure a long lasting, flawless, and cry-proof finish. Whether you're a natural bride or prefer full glam - we will help to transform you into the most beautiful version of yourself. 
Included - Luxury mini facial, eyebrow grooming, and false lashes.
$350 (150 mins) | BOOK NOW
*please email for more availability. 


Bridal Party Hair & Makeup (in studio)
Because the more the merrier! Have your maid of honour, bridesmaid, mother, aunt, cousins, and friends join you for a group glam session. 
$150 per person (60 mins) | Please email 
*must be booked in conjunction with a Bridal Hair & Makeup service
Special Offering - The Modern Bride Package (in studio)
Create a special experience for your bridal party with The Modern Bride package. Includes Bridal Hair and Makeup, Bridal Party Hair and Makeup for up to 4 people, Champagne, and French pastries. 
$1200 (300 mins) | Email hello@paradiseonqueen to inquire
We are proud to offer the best bridal hair and makeup services in Toronto. Paradise on Queen is the best for bridal artistry that still allows you to feel like yourself. We custom mix all our shades to ensure the absolute perfect match for you - from fair, to olive, to tan, to deep skin tones. We also provide excellent makeup for women over 50 that will make their skin look soft, plump, and more youthful than ever. Say no to old-fashioned cakey makeup, and hello to the best technology, formulations, and application techniques. Your best choice for the modern bride in Toronto. 
Fun fact: Before opening Paradise on Queen, Alisha ran a successful mobile bridal artistry business, serving brides all across the GTA. She's worked with every skin tone, hair type, and age group, and will have you feeling comfortable, relaxed, and at ease during your service.