Brow Services

Visit Paradise on Queen Beauty Studio for the best brows in Toronto! We customize every experience to perfectly sculpt, enhance, and define your brows. 

Brow Services

Brow Shaping
The perfect service to maintain, shape, and add definition to your brows. We spend extra time on your arches to ensure a full, fluffed, and defined shape that will lift and frame your face. Combination of threading + tweezing for less irritation and increased precision. 

$33 (30 mins) | BOOK NOW


Brow Tinting
Add depth and fullness to your brows with a vegetable based tint that lasts for up to 4 weeks. Great for fair or sparse brows. 

$20 (15 mins) | BOOK NOW


Brow Duo (Most Popular)
A combination of shaping and tinting for the ultimate brow transformation. 
$48 (30 mins) | BOOK NOW


Brow Lamination (aka Brow Lift)
This celebrity service is known for creating fluffed, lifted, and modelesque brows. A gentle perm solution is used to redirect the hair growth from the root, lifting hairs and laying them in an aesthetically pleasing, uniform shape. Great for sparse, curly, and unruly brows. 

$90 Lamination Only (30 mins) | BOOK NOW

$150 includes Brow Shaping + Tint (75 mins) | BOOK NOW